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Welcome to the Legacy Stained Glass Pattern Company Web Site
This web site is devoted to antique stained glass windows. 
All of the windows showcased on this web are available on CD-ROM as resizable digital patterns.


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Historical Importance

Stained glass windows were very popular in English homes in the 1800's through the 1930's. These years are among the most dynamic and creative eras in the history of modern design. During this timeframe, several groundbreaking art movements were established; British Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco which all flourished along side the sophisticated Victorian designs, which maintained its popularity throughout its own era and into the 21st Century.

Unlike Roman and Gothic windows, most of the English windows have survived the trials and tribulations of time, travel and war. Yet, sadly many of the windows are no longer in place. With the onset of what became World War I, many churches removed their beautiful stained glass windows, which ended up in cellars, hidden away for decades. 

Today, the beautiful classic stained glass windows of residential Europe are thought to be hopelessly old fashioned by their owners and they are currently being removed and replaced with more efficient weatherized windows. These classic stained glass windows are being stored in attics and basements or are laying around in salvage yards, the rest are in the process of being auctioned off around the world. 

Sadly, the facades of English homes will soon no longer be graced by these classic windows. For this reason, the patterns contained in the Legacy Library are destined to become an essential resource for anyone wishing to recreate the beauty of 19th and 20th century stained glass design.

Victorian  Edwardian  Art Nouveau  Art Deco  Arts & Crafts


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