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Art Nouveau Period Colors


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Historical Significance & Period Style Information



  Art Nouveau  
Circa: 1890 – 1914

This European design movement incorporated elements from the natural world with designs featuring flowing organic shapes, winding flowers and images from nature. Art Nouveau had two distinct looks, curving “whiplash” lines and a rigid linear look with an emphasis on vertical lines and height. Umbrella-shaped Tiffany lamps were very popular during this time period as well as doors adorned with stained glass panels.

Art Nouveau motifs were highly stylized. Design elements included stylized flowers, leaves, roots, buds and seedpods. The movement's signature motif was the S-curve.

The Art Nouveau styles of the late 19th century exhibited a bold approach to organic lines and lavish decoration. This new style was spread throughout the world and helped usher in a new era that led to modern art and design.