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Art Deco Period Colors



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Historical Significance & Period Style Information




Art Deco
Circa: 1925 - 1950

The birth of Art Deco can be placed in 1925, at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industrials Modernes in Paris. 

The new style retained the nature motifs of Art Nouveau but changed from flowing organic shapes and pastels to bolder colors.

Art Deco can be described as luxurious, elegant and dramatic. Exotic motifs such as flora and fauna, fountains and chevrons, were typically arranged in geometric patterns. Nature motifs, sunrises, flowers and stylized images of airplanes, cars, cruise liners, skyscrapers were characteristic of the Art Deco period. Grays, blues and blacks, as well as strongly textured clear glass, lend themselves particularly well to art deco, sometimes offset by a strong, bright color such as cranberry red.


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