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Edwardian Period Colors


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Historical Significance & Period Style Information



Circa: 1901 - 1910

The Edwardian period is named after the reign of King Edward VII, who succeeded Queen Victoria on the throne. During this time frame the public wanted something new and cheerful after the heavy dark colors and clutter of Victorian decor. The new era was a period of revivalism, taking ideas from the medieval and Georgian periods, as well as Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts. The informal style was a breath of fresh air with pastel color schemes in the colors of flowers - primrose yellows, leaf greens, the lilac of wisteria, and grays.

The Edwardian era was a period of incredible scientific and technological progress. As gas and then electric light became more widespread, interiors walls could be lighter as they did not get so dirty from the soot of oil lamps and candles. 

Stained glass panels in homes incorporated more clear glass to let in even more light and were often used in tall sidelight panels of doorways.








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